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kimpageIt was a late spring afternoon when I was walking home from my piano lessons. My father was running late in picking me up so I told him I would be walking home and he could pick me up at the park. When I got to the park I needed to go to the bathroom really bad, so I went to the public restroom all parks have. I did not see the hole in the wall in the stall until I was hit with a explicit and nasty surprise.
While I was with my panties down peeing I felt something poking me on the back of my head. I was in shock when I turned around. At eye level there was this hard thick throbbing cock pointing at my face. It was the first time I had seen a cock in my 18 years. After a few moments the man wiggled it in front of me. What did he expect me to do? What kind of a girl did he think I was? Why would anyone just do such a thing?
My parents had brought me up to be a proper young Asian American lady. I did not swear, drink, smoke or talk back to my parents. Moreover, I was active with my church and my school. Everyone who knew me knew I was the perfect daughter, student, and friend. So how dare this pervert do this to me? While I sat and looked at the throbbing penis in my face several thoughts ran through my mind. I should call my dad or better yet the police. But what would I say? It would be too embarrassing. I did not want to have the reputation of soliciting such actions from men.  Confused with my moral dilemma I kept looking a t the massive piece of meat before my eyes. It looked harmless enough. Suddenly I got curious ,nobody would ever know. I would never tell. It would only happen this one time. My naughty side started toschoolgirlkim come out. This was a great situation, I could be a little mischievous and nobody would know. I took it in my hand and I could recall there was a strange warm tingling between my legs and my heart began to beat faster.  Then the man began pushing the dick in and out of my hand. Through the wall I could hear the muffled moans of the stranger I was jerking off. My face was so close to the dick I was jerking, I could smell the musk coming off it. I don’t know what possessed me, but I kissed it. Slowly I took my tongue and ran it down the entire length. While I was in the middle of my oral exploration my phone rang.   I looked at the phone and it was my mom calling. There was no way I could talk to her and suck dick as the same time, so I decided to hurry and call her back in a few minutes. I licked the head of his cock, I licked slowly tasting  and began to suck on it just a little as I kept jerking off the man, he was moaning with pleasure. I almost laughed when his cell began ringing. Just when you’re having a good time people seem to bother you, I thought. The moaning and ringing stopped, I knew he had answered it, he just said in a muffled voice, yes, be there soon and hung up.  I then picked up the pace so I could make this guy cum, then I could call my mother back.Without warning, I felt the warm creamy liquid shoot down my throat. Oh god he had just cum inside my mouth. Mom was calling to make sure we were headed straight home without delay because dinner was ready. Quickly I pulled myself together and ran out the door. I rushed out of the bathroom and turned the corner without looking. I bumped into my dad who was gloryholekimracing around the corner of the bathroom himself. My face felt as flushed as my dad’s face looked. We both realized why we were coming out of the restrooms. He looked at my face as my eyes fell on his crotch. He still had a bulge. Again our eyes met. He cleared his throat and finally said dinner is ready your mom is waiting for us. We have to hurry. Quietly he started the car and drove home. I found myself stealing glances at his crotch. In his pants was the cock that I had been sucking for the past several minutes and it was very dirty and wrong, but there was something it about it that made my little clit all tingly and my pussy slit all hot, gooey and slippery. Finally he spoke, he sounded muffle so I didn’t understand  I said  “What daddy?”  He answered: “You got cum in your hair.” “Sorry daddy, I thought I had swallowed it all.”– I replied without thinking. I had just admitted to my father that I was a cock sucker and that I swallow. “I’m sorry daddy for being bad. I didn’t mean to. It just happened. Please don’t tell mom.” “She doesn’t have to know that you’re a little cock sucker. OK honey.” He replied.

“Did I do a good job daddy?”  I asked without thinking.  “You did a great job. I just wished your mother would do that. She never sucks me anymore.” He said. “Yeah I see why. Even with the wall between us you still made me gag. I don’t think I could have swallowed it all if I tried.”

My eyes glanced down again at my dad’s crotch. His bulge was bigger than ever. Something came over me as  I leaned forward a little and reached for his zipper. Slowly I unzipped his pants and pulled out his throbbing hard cock. “Oh baby girl what are you doing?”  daddy asked. “Taking care of your kimgloryholehard on daddy.” I replied. With his right hand my dad grabbed the back of my head and shoved me onto his fat cock. Before I could say a word, his dick was gagging me.

“That’s it you little cock sucker take daddy’s cock. Yeah, show daddy what a good cock sucker you are darling. I knew when I saw the cum on your hair that you were that little cum whore who sucks cock in the bath room. Oh fuck swallow it honey, take daddy’s cock all the way down your throat!” he moaned as he shoved his dick deep into my mouth. Hearing my dad talk so dirty made me hot and wet. “Fuck you’re the best cock sucker ever.” Then I felt him shoot his load down my throat. He came in my mouth with a loud grunt. It was warm and gooey as it hit the back of my throat. Without skipping a beat, I swallowed every drop. Daddy looked at me and said “This is now our secret.” “I know daddy and we don’t have to go to the park anymore to do it.”

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